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The call for presentations/speakers for AWS Community Day Lahore 2022 is now open. We want to hear from you! AWS Community Day (ACD) events are community-organized full day events featuring technical discussions led by expert AWS users and community leaders from around the world. These events happen at different cities around the world and give AWS users a venue similar to re:Invent and Summit, except these are local.

This year the AWS Community Day Lahore will be an exciting place for the community to gather in person. And we are thrilled that you want to join us.

Tell us your stories, share your lessons learned, lay out your best practices for forward-thinking practitioners and industry leaders from financial services, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment and more.

Attendees at AWS Community Day Lahore are eager to learn from your successes, failures, and experiments.

Share how you adopted new AWS services and reimagined old ones.

Tell us about your journey and your outcomes. What tips and tricks do you have for improving the effectiveness of adopting AWS.

Everyone has something to teach and we are all eager to learn!

Call for Presentations/Call for Speakers basics: Deadline for submission: August 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM Pakistan Standard Time.
Date of event: 1st October Saturday & 2nd October Sunday 2021 (In-person Event)
Venue: UET Lahore
Technical level: All levels will be considered
Duration of talk: 30 or 40 minutes Maximum.

Theme ideas: Tips/hacks for/by AWS users Monitoring and observability Artificial Intelligence and machine learning Containers and Serverless Databases Cost Management Developer tools Data migration and transfer Security, Identity and Compliance Infrastructure as code Automation and more

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]

We’re happy to help with your ideas and anything else you need.

Why submit to AWS Community Day Lahore 2022?

Obviously, we love having everyone share their stories at the AWS Community Day. Our communities are driven by sharing stories, experiences, challenges, successes, and everything in between. The more stories our community shares, the more everyone learns.

Not sure what to submit a talk about?

AWS Community Day Lahore 2022 is an ideal venue to highlight an awesome project your team has worked on. Our community helps put a human face on the industry buzzwords and lingo, bringing the real world into the spotlight.

Speaking at an event like AWS Community Day is a unique opportunity to build your brand and expand your speaker profile, and allows you to highlight your team as a great place to work for hiring managers.

Do you have an internal tool that you’re proud of and want to share?

Can you open source it and share it with the AWS community?

Find like-minded folks and maybe even some future contributors for your project with a talk at AWS Community Day Lahore 2022.

What's a good proposal?

Tell us a good story, but be clear about what your talk will focus on. We love a catchy title and a slick abstract, but give us the key points you’re planning to cover, why the AWS Community Day Audience audience will find those points compelling, and why you’re the best person to speak on the topic.

If you’re planning to present a demo, let us know. Demos are great for sharing technical ideas. Bringing a co-presenter is great too, just let us know. We can also accommodate panel discussions, but please reach out to us for those.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected] We’re happy to help with your ideas and anything else you need.

Hope to see you soon!

The AWS Community leaders.

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