October 1st, 2022

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AWS Community Pakistan

AWS Community Pakistan

AWS Community Pakistan is a volunteer-run community across Pakistan. Our Vision is to raise awareness regarding AWS and Cloud Computing into Pakistani Students. So, our Mission is to Bridge the Gap Between Academia and industry and to prepare students for the on-demand skill of the 21st Century. For this purpose, we plan to organize multiple series of Workshops, Webinars, Events and Hands-on labs led by Expert AWS Users and by inviting industry Professionals from around the world.

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AWS Community Day
Virtual Edition 2021

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  • AWS Community Pakistan is a Pakistan based group united by community-led learnings and diversified by the wide variety of tools and technologies closely knit with Amazon Web Services, Cloud Computing Technology, AWS Design Implementation and Servicing, High Scalability / Performance Computing, Production use cases of AWS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

  • Amazon Web Services is the world leader in cloud services. We at the AWS Community Pakistan are working to create a platform to learn and teach the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services. From starters in cloud computing to certified AWS practitioners, this community welcomes everyone.
    In this age of big data, cloud computing, and hence AWS, has gained immense importance due to the unbelievably vast range of services that it offers. Effectiveness of education multiplies when it is guided by professional and industrial experience hence, we welcome skilled and professional individuals to share their expertise. Our events feature talks and tutorials targeting cloud in general and AWS in particular

  • Skills like AWS are best learnt if coupled with industrial expertise. This Community can act as a bridge for you to connect with relevant industry experts. Moreover, AWS is a rapidly changing platform with newer and newer services being added annually. The Community can help you keep in touch with the latest advancements in AWS and Cloud.

  • You can apply to be a part of the Community by clicking here. Registration forms are open all round the year, but members are inducted in batches. You can also Join AWS Community Pakistan Slack Channel Slack

  • A strong will to learn and explore is all we need. However, a little knowledge of computing will always help

  • We are always happy to hear from you. You can reach us for sponsorship enquires, topic proposals, ticketing, feedback or any general question on AWS Community Pakistan, please drop us message at Facebook

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